September 4th, 2009


More On Ryo & The Flu

Slightly late, although these articles were technically still from today. But then I can't always be glued to my computer and the news pages, so I'm sure you guys will understand.

So, if anyone just watched today's broadcast of "Orthros of Inu" and you're wondering what the hell the poor sick guy was doing there... these news articles should explain it.

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I still think he should be resting though. At least give him the weekend dammit... Also, I wonder why Yamashita isn't getting the same amount of concern... Oh well. I do feel bad for him, but he's not really my priority.


Johnny Tries that Engimono Formula Again...

This has actually already been translated by various folk at the Kanjani8 community. But since it mentions Yoko, I'm gonna translate this for him. ♥ And of course, anyone else who by some miracle actually like my translation style.

Monthly Switch Johnnys Drama to Start in October!

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I'm sure it's only under the orders of that evil old man that Yoko has to insist it's a new type of drama. It's basically the same format as Engimono. Short stories, mysterious circumstances, blah blah... And wasn't the point of Engimono originally to showcase the juniors? Maybe there aren't anymore outstanding juniors to showcase. 8D But as I've said somewhere else (maybe it was here), if it means more Yoko on screen, I'm not going to complain. He's getting really popular with the networks nowadays!! Yay!! Give the man more dramas!! Make him a regular on every talk show possible!! 行け!横ちょ!♥♥♥

Anyway, FujiTV has something on it on their news update page here. So other than salaryman Ohno (ROFL!!! I wanna see this.) :
- Maru & Yasu will appear as a comedy duo (expected. But YamaDa is cute so Yay!!) who aren't selling well.
- Kato will act as a doctor (the title of the story arc is "98-point Hot-blooded Elite Doctor and Girl with the Incurable Disease". So unless Kato is supposed to be the girl....)
- Hmm... Hina's story title is "The Fight For Points, Outburst!? Oyabun (big boss), Aniki, Chinpira". Now I doubt he will be the Oyabun, he's not old and wrinkly enough. He just might be gorilla-like enough to be the Aniki (big brother or senior member in the mob), but I really want him to be the Chinpira (punk, hoodlum, yob). That would be hilarious, and anyway... I really think that if Hina wasn't a Johnny, he'd be a chinpira. Hee hee...
- Koyama is a NEET (Not currently in Employment, Education or Training) (LOL!!!)
- Leader's acting as a useless husband!!! BWAHA!! I can already imagine his "but... but... I'm trying..." look!! Lol!! Leader!! ♥