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From the Sankei Sports article on 12 November:

TOKIO Nagase Wants to Walk Down Shibuya Naked!?

2008.11.12 05:00

The post-production press conference for the movie "Heaven's Door" (directed by Michael Arias, opens 7th February next year), starring the double leads Nagase Tomoya (30) of TOKIO and actress Fukuda Mayuko (14), was held on the 11th in United Cinema Toyosu, Tokyo.

A road movie of youth, it tells of a young man and teenage girl who head for the ocean after they are told they have 3 days left to live. For Nagase himself, "I'd go shopping at Shibuya 109 with my friends, and when I go home and say 'Tada ima', I want to die as on the 'ma---'," he says, laughing.

However, when the director (Arias) reveals, "Didn't you say before that you wanted to walk naked at the scramble crossing?", "It's not appropriate to say it, is it? What will happen if tomorrow 'Nagase Walks Down Shibuya Naked' appears on the headlines?", (Nagase replies,) breaking out in cold sweat.

I actually translated this some time ago. It's been lying on the floor, next to my desk for ages. Unfortunately, stupid tutorials seem to always get in the way...