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"Orthros no Inu" to undergo last minute changes

Drama Content to Change Due to NEWS Nishikido's Influenza Infection


After Nishikido Ryo (24) of popular idol group NEWS was diagnosed with type-A influenza, where there is still a possibility of the new H1N1 virus[1], TBS announced on 3rd September that the drama in which he appears, "Dog of Orthros" will have a change in content for its September 4th broadcast (episode 7), an "Emergency Live Broadcast Special Version" will be aired.


On August 31st during the drama filming, Nishikido ran a high fever and complained of feeling unwell. After he was diagnosed with influenza at the hospital, he has been recuperating at home. Episode 7 contains scenes with Nishikido which have not yet been filmed, and the network is working on alternative measures.

Sankei Sports 2009.9.3 18:30

Original article here.

[1]: This does NOT mean that Ryo has swine flu. H1N1 is one of many subtypes of the flu virus classified under the type-A genus. So it just means that they still don't know which subtype virus he contracted, but that it's a type-A. Wikipedia and the WHO website is your friend.
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