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More On Ryo & The Flu

Slightly late, although these articles were technically still from today. But then I can't always be glued to my computer and the news pages, so I'm sure you guys will understand.

So, if anyone just watched today's broadcast of "Orthros of Inu" and you're wondering what the hell the poor sick guy was doing there... these news articles should explain it.

Nishikido of NEWS, Returns to Work Already on 4th After Health Recovers

Nishikido Ryo (24) of NEWS who was diagnosed with influenza A on 31st August and has been resting at home, has recovered his health and is therefore expected to return to work on the afternoon of the 4th, it was understood on the 3rd

According to Johnny's Jimusho and TBS, following Ministry guidelines that "Temperatures drop to normal within 2 days of rest", if all goes well on the 4th (Nishikido) will participate in the location shoot for the said network's drama "Dog of Orthros" (Fridays 10pm) from the afternoon.

TBS announced that a change in programming for the drama's scheduled September 4th (episode 7) broadcast, instead a "Dog of Orthros - Special Live Version" would be aired. An ominbus version as the 7th episode will be included as part of the story, with cast members including Takizawa Hideaki (27) appearing live. Nishikido may also appear depending on his health. According to his agency, NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa who was also diagnosed with influenza A on the 1st is also recovering well, however his return is still undetermined.

Meanwhile, comedy duo Audrey's Kasuga Toshiaki (30) who appeared with Nishikido and Yamashita in Fuji Television's "24-hour Television" from August 29-30, and who also contracted influenza A, saw his fever go down on the 3rd, according to his (Kasuga's) agency.

Sankei Sports 2009.9.4 05:04

Nishikido of NEWS Recovers, Shooting for Drama Resumes

On 4thNishikido Ryo (24) of NEWS, who was diagnosed with influenza A on 31st August and has been resting at home, has recovered and has therefore returned to shooting the TBS drama "Dog of Orthros" (Fridays 10pm) in which he appears.

According to TBS, Nishikido was examined by a doctor on the morning of the 4th, who confirmed that "(Nishikido's) temperature returned to normal within 2 days of rest" in accordance to Ministry guidelines, and entered the studio.

"I'm sorry for causing such inconvenience. I'm completely healed so it's alright already. I'm going to work hard towards the last episode again so please give me your support," Nishikido said in this upbeat greeting. Co-actor Takizawa Hideaki (27) added, "I was worried but, it's good that (Nishikido) got well so fast," welcoming him back with a smile.

TBS changed the programme for the drama's scheduled September 4th (episode 7) broadcast, announcing that it would air as "Dog of Orthros - Special Live Version" instead, and as Nishikido's health as recovered, will be appearing in the same programme as Takizawa and other cast. Also, there will be a total of 9 episodes, episode 7 will air on 9th September. Episode 8 airs on the 18th, and the last episode on the 25th will be broadcast as an extended 75 minute version.

Sankei Sports 2009.9.4 19:42

I still think he should be resting though. At least give him the weekend dammit... Also, I wonder why Yamashita isn't getting the same amount of concern... Oh well. I do feel bad for him, but he's not really my priority.

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