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Yoko Too!?!? Nooooo!!!

Kanjani8 in Emergency Situation... Ohkura and Yokoyama Down

 関ジャニ∞に緊急事態発生だ!! 人気グループ、関ジャニ∞の大倉忠義(24)が6日、発熱のためダウン。さらに同日夕、同メンバーの横山裕(28)がインフルエンザA型に感染したことが判明した。
A dire situation has developed for Kanjani8!! Ohkura Tadayoshi (24) of popular group, Kanjani8, was down with high fever on 6th October. Following this, on the evening of the same day, group member Yokoyama You (28) was diagnosed with A-type influenza infection.

According to Johnny's Jimusho, in the morning (of the 6th), Ohkura was running a fever of 38.2oC and received a simple test for influenza. Although the results were negative, as a precaution, he was absent from the press conference for the NHK drama "ROMES / Airport Defense System" (starts 15th Oct, Thursdays 8pm), which was held that day at 2pm in Shibuya, Tokyo. He will receive another examination on the 7th

A statement of apology was released to all related persons, "(We) Apologise for all the trouble caused". At the press conference, co-actor Yasuda Shota (25), who was diagnosed with influenza A on the night of the 3rd, was also absent. With both "main characters" absent, it was an extremely unusual press conference.

Meanwhile, around 4pm on the 6th, Yokoyama reported to their manager that he was experiencing a high fever of 38oC and swollen tonsils.Around 6pm that day, he was diagnosed with influenza A at a Tokyo hospital, and all work scheduled (for Yokoyama) for that day was cancelled.

As further information, all 3 members took part in a fan event held in Nagoya city on the afternoon of the 3rd. These 3 will be absent from the shooting for Kansai Television's "Kanjani8's JaniBen" on the 7th, only the remaining 4 members will attend.

Sankei Sports 2009.10.7 05:06

Aw crap. I knew this was going to happen. As soon as Yasu went down, it was just a matter of time, since they attended the same fan event. Sigh.

As for the whole, "it's Ryo's fault" comments that I'm seeing all over the place, seriously... What do you want him to do? Grab the virus by the tail and tell it not to infect the others??

Give the guy a break. OK. Actually, it might be funny to see him try.
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