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Ohkura's Back!!

Kanjani8's Ohkura Returns -- "(My) body is surprisingly weak"

Kanjani8's Ohkura Tadayoshi (24) and Yasuda Shota (25) attended the press conference for NHK drama "ROMES / Airport Defense System" (Starts 15th Oct; Thursdays 8pm) on the 13th at the NHK office in Shibuya, Tokyo. The 2 men caught influenza A infections, and were absent for a press conference held on the 6th for the same drama.

Returning to work for the filming today, Ohkura lost 3kg, while Yasuda -- who returned on the 9th -- lost 2kg. "I've caused a lot of inconvenience to many people," says Ohkura. He added enthusiastically, "But, now that I'm fully recovered, I'm going to give it my all for the drama!" Yasuda, greeting all with a smile, added, "I'm sorry that there had to be a second press conference. But we're fully recovered now, so please be reassured."

When asked if there were new sides to each other that they learnt through acting together, Ohkura answered "We've been together for about 10 years already, so..." Then seeming slightly bothered, "Unexpectedly, we're both quite weak physically huh," bringing on laughter at his self-deprecation.

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